Boss Can Be Bad Boss Can Be Highly Profitable/TITLE> <meta name="description" content="How to be a better and more productive boss, while raising morale and employee satisfaction. These are the shortcuts of our best bosses and closers."> <meta name="OWNER" CONTENT=""><meta name="AUTHOR" CONTENT="Masters Millionaires "> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"> <SCRIPT language=JavaScript> <!-- self.moveTo(0,0) self.resizeTo(screen.availWidth,screen.availHeight) //--> </SCRIPT> <script language="JavaScript"> <!-- /* script by */ self.onError = null; if( top.location != location ) { top.location.href = location.href; } //---> </script> <meta name="revisit-after" Content="30 days"> <style type="TEXT/CSS"> <!-- A:link {text-decoration:none;color:#0080C0;font-size:10px;} A:hover {text-decoration:none;font-type:bold;color:#FF9868;font-size:12px; border:dotted yellow; padding:2px; border-width:thin; background-color:#000000;} A:visited {text-decoration:none;color:#000000;font-size:10px;} A.b:link {font-size:12px; COLOR: #FF0000; } A:hover {text-decoration:none;font-type:bold;color:#FF9868;font-size:12px; border:dotted yellow; padding:2px; border-width:thin; background-color:#000000;} --> </STYLE> <meta name="robot" Content="index, follow"> <meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache"> <meta name="MSSmartTagsPreventParsing" content="TRUE"> <SCRIPT language=JavaScript type=text/JavaScript src="key1.js"></script> <META http-equiv="MSSmartTagsPreventParsing" content="TRUE"> <meta name=viewport content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> </HEAD> <a name="#top" title="Avenue of Hot Shortcuts Healthiest Way For Life Top"></a> <body BGCOLOR=#ffffff leftmargin=0 topmargin=0 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0><a name=#webgem1></a> <center><span style="background-color:#ffffff"> <b><font face="tahoma, sans serif" size=3 color=#FF00FF>Best Shortcuts For Bosses - More accurately, the best shortcuts for the best bosses<BR> Avenue of Hot Shortcuts shares the best shortcuts that all top-performing bosses use.</font></b></span> <BR> <SCRIPT language=JavaScript> <!-- /* rollover buttons script credit: Website Abstraction ( More free JavaScripts here. 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He refuses pay until his clients see results. We do NOT want you to hire him. We would MUCH prefer that you, as manager, personally get excited and write down on paper just one new idea every three hours for the next week. One new idea to get every employee excited. By week's end you'll have quite a list, yes or no?</P><P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>Since you've made it to management, you're urged to defy the Peter Principle which claims that people rise to their highest level of incompetence. </font><font face=arial SIZE=2 COLOR=#ff00ff><b>One new idea every three hours for a week.</b></font><font face=arial SIZE=2> The results will astonish & delight you personally... and professionally.</P><P ALIGN=JUSTIFY><b> Along with the intensely productive technique of catching people red-handed in the act of doing something right, and publicly making 'a big deal' out of it, this PowerGem of "idea generation" has demonstrated itself to be the single most compelling reason for Mister_Shortcut being credited with instigating the breaking and/or shattering of more than one hundred and seventy production and sales records at five major NY companies<P ALIGN=JUSTIFY><b></b>By the time you've written, <font color=#FFFFFF>close-your-mouth</font><U><a href="" title="Write Why Not With Your Avenue of Hot Shortcuts">written,</a> </U>fifty ideas, fifty <font color=#FF0000>reasons</font> for your people to get excited about breaking records, you'll have many useless ideas, a few good ideas, and one or two that are world-class. Unconditionally guaranteed to every human who has made it to The lowest rung of management. That one idea will charm 80% of your employees (See Pareto Principle), and your productivity starts moving towards that magic top ten percent. It works </font><font face=arial SIZE=2 COLOR=#008000>every <font color=#000000>time</font></font><font face=arial SIZE=2>.</P><P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>This one method is used 365 days per year <b>by <a href="" title="Millionaires Who Live The Avenue of Hot Shortcuts"><u><font color=#0000FF>many hundreds of thousands </font></u></a> of self-made millionaires</b>. Do you really believe you know better than the horse's mouth? Are you one of the 5,950.000 Americans currently earning $80,000 per month or more? Any day that you're not getting excited and using your pencil, you can be sure that a too-generous portion of your resources are being too-lightly tapped. You do NOT need more to get more; you simply need to <font color=#FF0000><u>use more</u></font> of what you <font color=#FF0000>already now have at your disposal</font>!!!</P><P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>We'd prefer you to be smart enough to save your money and implement these simple powers on your own. There are other ways you already know about which will increase your business. If your boss came to you today and said, 'Boost productivity by 20% in sixty days or you're gone,' we somehow believe you will do so as long as your position is of sufficient importance to you. You would have a reason to get excited, and, like smiles and yawns, both ends of the motivation scale are contagious.</P><p align=justify><font color=#0000A0 size=2 face=arial>When was the last time you caught an employee, red-handed, in the act of doing something right? Far more than any other bellwether, this is your tool for assaying precisely how much people WANT to produce for you, and for mutual benefit: <span style=background-color:#FFffff><font color=#00006F>  how appreciated they are.   </span><BR>  <BR>No one says you have to go overboard in kissing an employee's feet. What you ARE being reminded of is the mathematically precise formula that comprises Newton's Third Law of Physics <font color=#E10071>('Every action in this universe produces an equal and opposite reaction.')</font><P ALIGN=justify><font size=2 face=arial>We urge you, with the utmost vigor of discourse,to pull out your pen and paper and begin that list, with no less than one new idea every three hours.<BR>  <BR>As well, it is no less vital that you either begin, or measurably expand, your own personal and professional ability to catch people in the act of doing something right. Sumner Redstone, a man involved in vital, bilion-dollar decisions into his seventh and eighth decades of life, was known to remind people that 'luck' is merely an acronym for Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.</font><BR>  <BR>Most of us understand that an excited employee is a more productive employee. Few of us act upon all that we know.How about you? Surely even at your most unimaginative you can think of at least a few ways to get your people more involved, more anticipating of the time you spend together. At each company, even before I moved into supervisory positions, each employee became a target for me to find something best about. <BR><BR> EACH of us has something about us that is "best" about us. Do you personally or professionally tend to think that so many rapid promotions might well have due in no small part to this one HUGE shortcut to boosting productivity and morale? Should that be the case, turn your idea engine on to use in YOUR place of business. </font><P>  </P><a href=#webgem1><font face=arial size=3><b><center>Back to the Top of Page</b></font></a>           <font face=arial size=3><b><a href="" title="Avenue of Hot Shortcuts Mission For YOU">Masters and Millionaires</a></b></font><BR>  <BR> <h3 align=center style="background-color: #000080;"><font color=#FFBD33 size="3">Links to more portions of your all-natural Healthiest Way For Life,<BR>largest, most self-empowering naturopathic website of all</h3> <p align="center" style="background-color:#5BADFF"> <a class="b" href="http://www.DoctorDavidCohen.US/info.html" title="Healthiest Way For Life Passes On Quit Smoking Info"><font size=3>QUIT SMOKING</a>     <a class="b" href="" title=" Healthiest Way For Life After You Decide To Quit Smoking"><b>Quit Smoking Forever II</b></a>     <DIV align="center" onmouseover="style.backgroundColor='#DBB7B7', style=fontWeight='bold', style.padding='0px'" onmouseout="style.backgroundColor='#D5AAAA', style=fontWeight='bold', style.padding='0'"><font color=#000000> <a class="b" href="javascript:;" onClick="expandingWindow('mister-shortcut.html'); return false;" title="Mister_Shortcut is about to take you on a interesting journey of EyeCandy and PowerGems"><font color=#FF9933>Shortcuts</font> II</a>     <a class="b" href="javascript:;" onClick="expandingWindow(''); return false;" title="MisterShortcut_US is one of many EyeCandy Capitals of the World, produced for YOU by the amazing Mister_Shortcut"><font color=#FF9933>Shortcuts</font> III</a>     <a class="b" href="" title="EyeCandy leading to PowerGems -- the greatest Best Shortcuts of Winners and Champions."><font color=#FF9933>Shortcuts</font> IV</a><BR> <a class="b" href="" title=" - for those of you who are becoming addicted to Mister_Shortcut EyeCandy shortcuts"><font color=#FF9933>Shortcuts</font> V</a>     <a class="b" href="" title="MrShortcut_US | One of the prettiest websites existing today."><font color=#FF9933>Shortcuts</font> VI</a>     <a class="b" href="" title="Mister_Shortcut wants YOU at www_MrShortcut_org to take YOUR most exciting journey - your journey into success with shortcuts."><font color=#FF9933>Shortcuts</font> VII</a>    <a class="b" href="" title="Masters And Millionaires Personify The Avenue of Hot Shortcuts"><font color=#FF9933>Shortcuts</font> VIII</a></div><BR>     <font face=arial size=2> <a href="" title="Amazing Health is free for YOUR life, The Healthiest Way For Life, from Mister-Shortcut"></a>     <a href="" title="The Avenue of Hot Shortcuts and MisterShortcut bring you the largest natural health website in the world">"></a>     <a href="javascript:;" onClick="expandingWindow('')" title="More EyeCandy from MisterShortcut"></a>       <a href="" title="Biogeology Vis-A-Vis The Healthiest Way For Life "></a>     <a href="javascript:;" onClick="expandingWindow('')"></a>     <a href="" title"Biosyntony is a complementary or alternative form of medicine. Very interesting, and based on science"></a>     <a href="" title="Another Biosyntonic Relaxation therapy website built by the amazing Mister_Shortcut"></a>     <a href="" title="Biosyntony Site Number III, by Mister_Shortcut of course, with plenty of EyeCandy and brain candy"></a>     <a href="" title="The Godfather of Shortcuts presents you with the largest biosyntony website in the world"></a>     <a href="" title="Avenue of Hot Shortcuts - Take One Shortcut Please"></a>     <a href="" title="Shapelinks Are Avenue of Hot Shortcuts Pathways To Shortcuts">Shapelinks.US</a>     <a href="" title="Healthiest Tips Healthiest Way For Life "></a>     <a href="" title="Doctor David Cohen - Healthiest Way For Life QRA Expert"></a>     <a href="" title="More EyeCandy by Mister_Shortcut"></a>     <a href="javascript:;" onClick="expandingWindow('')" title="Universal Energetic Balancing is an interesting new approach, based partly on science, and partly on something not so explainable"></a>     <a href="" title="A foundation site of the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts empire. Every link and every one of one million unique pages built by Mister_Shortcut for YOU to live longer and healthier and happier"></a>     <a href="" title="HealthSupport Via Healthiest Way For Life Is Always Natural">HealthSupport.US</a>     <a href="http://www.AmazingHealth.US" title="More free health support concepts from the largest naturopathic website online or off">AmazingHealth.US</a>     <a href="" title="The ride of a lifetime -- into the best of you"></a>     <a href="" title="Original New York Bodyscan website in re Bioenergetic Medicine | Biofeedback"> </a>     <a href="" title="Contents page of the largest personal website in cyberspace"><b>Contents </b></a>      <a href="" title="Great suggestions for how you alleviate your psoriasis quickly and effectively."><b>Psoriasis</b></a>      <a href="" title="Asking better questions inevitably leads to better results -- Destiny has the same meaning as destination"><b>Medical Destiny Your Choice</a>       <a href="" title="If you understand how dangerously prescription drugs affect the human body, and seek alternative therapies, homeopathic remedies, or any other form of naturopathic medicine"> <b>Asclepius VS Hygea</a>       <a href="" title="Catabolic is defined as destructive metabolism. Learn more"><b>Catabolic </b></a>      <a href="" title="This impressive list of testimonials come from patients and practitioners who have benefited significantly from the Bodyscan."><b><font color=#FF00FF size="4"><u>Endorsements</u>  </font> (Patients, Doctors, Practitioners, etc)</b></a> <BR> <a href="" title="Hunger is the single most preventable disease in the world. Learn how YOU can make a huge difference all wrapped up in MisterShortcut EyeCandy"><b>HUNGER </b></a>      <a href="" title="What all of us need to know and remember - because our best doctors are those who approach healing naturally. The healthy way "><b>Doctors II</a>       <a href="" title="MisterShortcut urges you perfervidly to make full use of your Avenue of Hot Shortcuts to live longer and stronger"> <b>Health Shortcuts</b></a>       <a href="http//" title="Cure your common cold quickly, efficiently, and even inexpensively with YOUR MrShortcut"><b>Cold Cure </b></a>      <a href="" title="Remember that this is the single most powerful day of your life"><b>Health II</a> <BR> <a href="" title="SHORcuts of Masters and Champions From The Avenue of Hot Shortcuts">    <b> Great Shortcuts</a>     <a href="http://www.powergem.US>      <b>PowerGem.US</a>    <a href="" title="Enter The Avenue of Hot Shortcuts Hall Of Shame IN RE Whos Who">      <b>Scandalous!!</b>   </a>       <a href="" title="Xenoestrogens - Concerns Both Men And Women - Healthiest Way For Life On Xenoestrogens">    <b> Xenoestrogens</a>     <BR><BR>           <a href="http//" title="Photographic and movie tribute to September 11th attack.   No one ever mentioned that for a month, NY had only CBS, channel 2 in NY. All the other stations had their antennas atop both World Trade Center towers.                                                         May all who are gone rest in peace." class="b"> <u>911day tribute</u></a>       <a href="http://www.911day2.html class="b" title="More Avenue of Hot Shortcuts And Healthiest Way For Life 911day Tributes From Around The World"><b>100 More 911day photos</a><BR><BR> <h3 align="center" title="Quantum Reflex Analysis Hotlinks From The Healthiest Way For Life " style="margin-bottom=0px">Quantum Reflex Analysis - Altering Your Most Basic Perceptions</h3> <p align=center style="background-color:'#FFFFFF'" style="margin-top=4px" title="Healthiest Way For Life Quantum Reflex Analysis Hotlinks"><BR><BR><font size=2 face=arial color=#000000><b>Links For Quantum Reflex Analysis - perhaps the most amazing thing you will ever learn<BR> QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) has proven to be correct tens of thousands of times in a row!<BR> This test is so magnificently accurate in diagnosis and so much more that it is actually patented.<BR> Twenty thousand M.D.'s gathered together cannot possibly tell you what one QRA practitioner does.<BR> There is absolutely no guesstimating or poking or prodding or "maybe's" - QRA proves true every time.<BR> The Healthiest Way For Life promises you that every human who encounters Q.R.A. is utterly astounded.<BR> No medical test is as perfect, no medical test is as accurate, no medical test is as thoroughly revealing to you.<BR> Best of all, quantum reflex analysis is a simple one-second test that you get to use, freely, for as long as you live.<BR><BR>Learn more, so you can live more. Learn quickly how to use Q.R.A. to test your food, clothes, and literally everything else.<BR>Remember that the Healthiest Way For Life ONLY deals in those natural approaches that work approximately every single time.<BR></b><BR><BR><font size=3 face=arial> <a href="http://www.Qra.Me" title="QRA - Quantum Reflex Analysis Test - Healthiest Way For Life " class=w>QRA.Me</A>       <a href="" title="QRA Changes Your Thinking Profoundly - Healthiest Way For Life" class=w></A><BR> <a href="" title="Quantum Reflex Analysis - Learn and Live QRA" class=w></A>       <a href="" title="Official Quantum Reflex Analysis Site" class=w></A><BR> <a href="" title="Quantum Reflex Analysis From The Healthiest Way For Life" class=w></A>       <a href="" title="Another Healthiest Way For Life Quantum Reflex Analysis Website" class=w></A>       </p><BR> <p align=center style="background-color:#FFFFFF"><font face=arial size=4 color=#000000>Share the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts With Global Generosity!<BR><BR><font size=2><font size=2 face=arial> <!-- AddThis Button BEGIN --> <a class="addthis_button" href=""><img src="" width="125" height="16" alt="Avenue of Hot Shortcuts AddThis" style="border:0"/></a><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <!-- AddThis Button END --><p align=center style=background-color:#FFFFFF><font size=2 color=#000000><b> Share the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts and Healthiest Way For Life with YOUR world,<BR> for the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts and Healthiest Way For Life can be used by all.<BR> The more we give away in life, the more that life is sure to repay our kindness.<BR> Empower people to empower themselves, effectively teaching us all to help.<BR>The helpless of the world, humans and creatures, all within air, sea, land,<BR> all cry out to you to reverse the unconscionable greed of the wealthiest.<BR> Share the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts and Healthiest Way For Life today.<BR>Help to even up the playing field, living a life that lives beyond you.<BR> <BR><BR></td></tr></table> <BR><font size=4 color=#330099 face="tahoma, arial">Learn more and live more at your healthiest website,<BR> the Healthiest Way For Life, to pursue living stronger for longer,<BR><font size=2 color="#00699B">where YOUR health and wealth are addressed in detail<BR>by the single most well-read human in history,<BR> averaging a book or two per day for more than sixteen thousand days.<BR> The brilliance is NOT found in MisterShortcut's prolifically eager mind;<BR> it is found in his discoveries and studies of the best thinking,<BR> and, much more importantly, the best results of all time.<BR>based on the best role models around us all,<BR>because those who do it better<BR>have a great tendency to know better.<BR> </P></FONT></B></FONT> <CENTER><SPAN style="background-color:#00FF40"><B>    <A href="http://www.Qra.Me" title="QRA Is Your Acronym That Stands For Quantum Reflex Analysis">QRA.Me</A>       <A href="" title="A Quantum Reflex Analysis Website From The Healthiest Way For Life "></a>       <a href="" title="Healthiest Way For Life - Q-R-A For Quantum Reflex Analysis" class=w>Q-R-A.US</a>       <a href="" title="SweetDomain And Scientifically Brilliant - QRA - Quantum Reflex Analysis" class=w></A> <BR> <a href="" title="Healthiest Way For Life Promotes Reflex Analysis As From Quantum Reflex Analysis" class=w></A>       <a href="" title="For The Healthiest Way For Life - Quantum Reflex Analysis Is A Big Answer" class=w></A>       <a href="" title="Healthiest Way For Life Quantum Reflex Analysis Site" class=w></A><BR> <a href="" title="Quantum Reflex Analysis From The Healthiest Way For Life " class=w></A>       <a href="" title="Another QRA Healthiest Way For Life Quantum Reflex Analysis Site" class=w></A>       <a href="http://www.QUANTUM-REFLEX.INFO" title="Quantum Reflex Is The Reflexive Healthiest Way For Life Choice"></a>     <a href="http://www.QUANTUMREFLEX.INFO" title="QuantumReflex - A Healthiest Way For Life Keyword For Quantum Reflex As In Analysis"></a><BR><BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR> <p align=center><font size=4>1-718-627-7272<font size=3> for your Q.R.A. appointments</p><BR><BR><font size=2><BR> <a href="" title="Masters Are Never-Ending Proof Of The Avenue of Hot Shortcuts"> <FONT face=arial size=2><B>Masters and Millionaires</A>       <a href="http://www.Shapelinks.US" title=" Avenue of Hot Shortcuts Shapelinks For Us"><b>Shapelinks.US</a></b>       <a href="" title="Enter The Avenue of Hot Shortcuts Hall Of Shame IN RE Whos Who"><FONT face=arial size=3><B>Shame</FONT></A>       <a href="" title="SHORcuts of Masters and Champions From The Avenue of Hot Shortcuts"><FONT face=arial size=2><B>HotClick</FONT></A>      <a href="" javascript:;"onClick=expandingWindow('tribute.html')"><font face=tahoma size=2 color=#FF00FF><b>911day</a></font>       <a href="" title="911day Tributes Persist - Healthiest Way For Life Collection Of 911day Photos"><font face=tahoma size=2 color=#FF00FF><b>911day II</a>      <a href="" title="Healthiest Way For Life Health Index Listing - partial"><FONT face=arial size=3><B>SuperHealth</FONT></A>      <BR>         <A style="CURSOR: hand" onclick="'url(#default#homepage)';this.setHomePage (location.href);" href=""><B><FONT face=tahoma size=3>Change Your Homepage Each Week</FONT></B></FONT></A>          </SPAN> </CENTER> <!-- Created produced by Mister_Shortcut -- most prolific web designer who will ever live --> <!-- RE Guiness Book of World Records - Millions of unique MrShortcut web pages --> <BR><font face=arial size=1 color=#0000A0><b><big>You're visiting the world's most exciting and empowering website, with <a href="" title="Master hotlinks pages                                               for the biggest personal website ever created -- Shortcuts and more Shortcuts "><FONT size=2 face=arial><u><b>1,000,000 <font color=#000099>unique web pages</b></u></a> <BR><BR><font face=Arial size=1><B> EasyStreet, USA by MisterShortcut for the Healthiest Way For Life and Avenue of Hot Shortcuts</B><BR>All rights reserved for those who feed the hungriest among us.</FONT><BR><font face=arial size=4 color=#0000A0>For now, you can feed people with a free click</font><BR><center><a href="" onMouseOut="RestoreImg()" onMouseOver="SwitchImg('document.hunger','document.hunger','hunger2.gif')"><img src="hunger.gif" name="hunger" width="120" height="60" alt="Corporate sponsors buy over a cup of food for your clicks.                                 Nice... saving a life with clicks!" border=0></a> </td></tr> <tr><td valign=top>         <pre></pre><font face=arial SIZE=2><B>© EasyStreet, USA</b><BR>    All rights reserved.</font></td></tr></table></center> <center><span style=background-color:#fF0000> <b><font face="tahoma, sans serif" size=3 color=#0000FF>   Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!    <font color=#FFffff>Remember 911day.  </font></b></span> <!-- Created produced by Mister_Shortcut -- most prolific web designer who will ever live --> <!-- RE Guiness Book of World Records - Millions of unique MrShortcut web pages --> <h3 style="padding=0px" style="margin=0px" align=center title="Schools Springing Forth From The Psychology of Shortcuts">Schools Springing Forth From The Psychology of Shortcuts</h3> <p style="padding=0px" style="margin=0px" align=center style="background-color: #FFFFFF"><font face=arial size=2 color=#000000><b> From the most prolific creator in the history of mankind,<BR>here are just some of the unique schools of thought MisterShortcut,<BR> springing forth from, and delivered of, your own choice of customized versions of the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts:<BR><BR> Alternative Remedies And Medicine is just what it sounds like, all about Healthiest Way For Life , meaning natural answers, naturopathy.<BR> The Zen of One Shortcut means you can embrace Zen, and you can embrace one shortcut, the one shortcut (powergem) that appeals to you most.<BR> Book of Good Shortcuts, which is a book of many good shortcuts for achieving what you want with a fraction of the time and effort it used to take.<BR> Path To Great Success is an illuminative path, indeed, one that takes any one of us or all of us to great success on the path used by champions.<BR> Path To Natural Health is as healthy and simple as can be. Water, oil, salt (air-dried sea salt), bulk, and good bacteria. They are natural health.<BR> Zen of Better Shortcuts is a zen of eliminating most shortcuts while embracing better shortcuts, as usual, to achieve better and better results.<BR> Alternative Remedies And Medicine - Truth is, so called alternative remedies and alternative medicines are really primary and natural medicines.<BR><BR> The Benefits of Complementary Medicine - As with Healthiest Way For Life s, complementary medicines are less complementary, more primary.<BR> The Benefits of Natural Medicine - Any educated person can and ought to teach you the Healthiest Way For Life - more benefits than we can count.<BR> The Book of Good Shortcuts - There are great shortcuts, there are good shortcuts, there are even mediocre shortcuts. Here, just good shortcuts abound.<BR> The Book of Success Secrets - Masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires all have success secrets. Here is a book full of success secrets.<BR> The Encyclopedia of Shortcuts - So aptly titled, because it is, effectively, an Avenue of Hot Shortcuts, designed for your fullest self-empowerment.<BR> The Encyclopedia of Winning Shortcuts - Again, Life's winning shortcuts are those PowerGems which are practiced by masters and champions.<BR><BR> The Encyclopedia on How To Succeed - Everyone needs a roadmap, an Avenue of Hot Shortcuts. Here it is, from the Psychology of Shortcuts.<BR> The Encyclopedia of Success - Along the lines of the Encyclopedia on How To Succeed, the Encyclopedia of Success is more upbeat, less remonstrating.<BR> The Great Shortcuts To Success - Whatever your pursuit in life, the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts powerfully elevate your success probabilities - repeatedly!<BR> The Great Shortcuts to Excellence - Every human effort towards excellence has great shortcuts, so, here are your great shortcuts to YOUR excellence.<BR> The How to Succeed at... because every human child should receive a book entitled "How To Succeed At....." to learn how to succeed at everything.<BR><BR> The Avenue of Hot Shortcuts is pretty much what it sounds like, with interactive EyeCandy Shapelinks and no shortage of success shortcuts.<BR> Masters and Millionaires are the center of so much of what the Psychology of Shortcuts intends to deliver to you: methods of masters and millionaires.<BR> The Methods Of Naturalists - Those who live naturally, who consider themselves naturalists, tend naturally to tend towards the Healthiest Way For Life .<BR> The Methods of Dr. D Cohen - the first human to master Bodyscan2010 and QRA - the combination is more accurate than 1,000 MD's combined!<BR> The MisterShortcut Masterlinks take you deeper into the Psychology of Shortcuts and all these thousands of websites from MisterShortcut.<BR> The Path To Great Success - Most humans wish to fly into the path of great success. Wishing is a start. Taking action counts for more.<BR><BR> The Path To Natural Health - As stated, water, oil, salt, bulk, and good bacteria are a most powerful way to YOUR Avenue of Hot Shortcuts and healing.<BR> The Pathway To Success - Climb aboard, climb inside your own Pathway to Success, brought to you by the Psychology of Shortcuts, and MisterShortcut.<BR> The Power Path of Shortcuts - Power is rarely placed anywhere accidentally. Take control of the power you have, to get on the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts.<BR> The Psychology of Longevity - the mother of all these naturopathic and natural-oriented websites, the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts is, naturally, free for you.<BR> The Psychology of Successful People is the Psychology of doing things successfully by imitating successful people performing as you hope to perform.<BR> The Psychology of A Good Life, because a good life is not as challenging as it has been for more of human history. Good shortcuts, for a good life.<BR><BR> The Psychology of Achieving More. Excellence cannot happen by accident, so achieving more is achieved intentionally. Use the resources you have!<BR> The Psychology of Amazing Health - People who live stronger for longer are infinitely more reliable a source than a thousand scientists combined.<BR> The Psychology of Amazing Shortcuts. Amazing the world begins with amazing yourself. Use amazing shortcuts, and taste the amazing results.<BR> The Psychology of Best Shortcuts - PowerGems are the best shortcuts of all time, the best shortcuts that work approximately every time.<BR> The Psychology of Champions. Do not kid yourself. Champions have a psychology, champions have a mindset. Let's get you into it.<BR> The Psychology of Greatest Shortcuts teaches us to use the greatest shortcuts the greatest possible number of times.<BR> The Psychology of Healing. For folks wishing to heal themselves naturally, climb inside the Healthiest Way For Life .<BR> The Psychology of Healing Shortcuts. Natural healing shortcuts are healthier and safter than allopathic methods.<BR> The Psychology of Healthiest Living. Living stronger for longer is a sweet result of living out the healthiest life.<BR> The Psychology of Mr. Shortcut teaches us all how to use one great shortcut, or 1,000 of the greatest of them.<BR> The Psychology of Naturality, naturally is about the Psychology of Naturality as practiced by the long-lived.<BR> Road To True Success, your own guide and written menu to get onto the road to your own true success.<BR> Healthiest Way For Life - People who live stronger for longer are a potent Healthiest Way For Life info.<BR> The Tao of Great Shortcuts - Embrace your own personalized Tao of Great Shortcuts for a better life.<BR> The Tao of Shortcuts- Ah, the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts say it all, doesn't it? Adopt your Avenue of Hot Shortcuts.<BR> The Methods of Dr. D Cohen - self-explanatory, really, these are the methods of Dr. D. Cohen.<BR> The Pathway Of True Health, for true health is not a destination, but a pathway of life.<BR> The Utility of Natural Remedies and Medicines, for those who LOVE natural remedies.<BR> The Way of Great Shortcuts, because Your way to success calls for great shortcuts.<BR> Your Psychology of Achieving More,<BR><BR> Of course, there are plenty more, over 1,000 unique self-empowerment sites from MisterShortcut.<BR> Each of us tends to respond in different ways to any particular stimuli, thus, great variegation.<BR> <BR> Your Psychology of Best Shortcuts, your Psychology of Champions, all to help you to help yourself, are all part of this network.<BR> Your Psychology of Greatest Shortcuts is just that, your Avenue of Hot Shortcuts, the greatest of all time, provably.<BR> Psychology of Healing, because healing yourself naturally is a smarter idea. Jump into the Healthiest Way For Life for life.<BR> The Psychology of Naturality, as in the naturality that helps to promote our own Longevity, living in a state of naturality.<BR> Road To True Success, ultimately, is the Psychology of Shortcuts and all the other MisterShortcut schools of thought.<BR> Tao of Shortcuts is worth mentioning again, because it is, after all, the Tao of Shortcuts to empower you today.<BR> Your Pathway Of True Health, still helping people to find their own pathway to true health by living naturally.<BR> Your Way of Great Shortcuts is a special site, because the great shortcuts work for everyone, including you.<BR> Zen of Mister Shortcut. Adopt a zen, adopt the ways of Mister Shortcut, and Bob's yer uncle, aay?<BR> Zen of Mr-Shortcut, while similar to the Zen of Mister Shortcut, is not quite the same!<BR> <BR> All of these schools of thought are unique, and deliciously interactive, just for you.<BR> Embrace your best thinking, engage your hungriest attitudes, and there you shall be,<BR> on the pathway to your own greatest success, using your greatest success shortcuts.<BR> Speak less, do more. Welcome to your own enormously self-empowering network,<BR> all springing from the Psychology of Shortcuts of masters and millionaires.<BR><BR></b></p><BR> <br><br><br><br> <P ALIGN=CENTER><PRE> <FONT FACE=ARIAL size=2><B> <center> A-1 Way of Living Long Absolute Way of Masters Alternative Remedies And Medicine Anthology of A Shortcut Anti-Aging Health Route Best Physician Passage Best Route of Shortcuts Best Route of Shortcuts Best Route To Longevity Best Ways of MrShortcut Better Health Approach Better Health Boulevard Biosyntony Natural Way Book of Good Shortcuts Book of Greatest Health Book Of Living Stronger Encyclopedia of Secrets Encyclopedia of Shortcuts Encyclopedia of Winning Shortcuts Encyclopedia on How To Succeed Encyclopedia of Success Expressway of PowerGems Great Health Encyclical Great HealthWay of Life Great Shortcuts to Excellence Great Shortcuts To Success Greater Life Expressway Hallmark of Health Handbook Of A Good Life Handbook of Self-Health Happy Living Handbook Health HandBook of Life Healthbook of Bodyscans Healthier Way of Health Healthier Way Of Living Healthiest Book of Life Healthiest Way For Life Healthiest Zen For Life Healthiness Expressway Highway of All Shortcuts Highway To Health Highway to Success How to Succeed at everything with the shortcuts of masters and millionaires How to succeed at anything and everything with your own greater shortcuts how to succeed at anything with the shortcuts of champions and billionaires. Everything in life gets easier when you duplicate those already doing best. The horse's mouth is far preferable to the wrong end of the horse, hm? S.C.O.R.E. may surprise you. There is a S.C.O.R.E. office near you, if you are in the U.S. These are the retired executives who have succeeded, most of them many times. When wise people of accomplishment are willing to share, hush up quickly. The most knowledgeable person in the room should always be speaking. More, those of lesser knowledge in the room must always be hearing. Listening and hearing are not always the same thing. Shh. Learn. Let the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts be your coach and guide.<BR> Let the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts be your inner voice of wisdom, knowledge, and experience. You do have all three of these critical features, and you could name them if paid enough. Less speaking, and more doing, because improvements of one percent add up hugely. The secret is to repeat that one percent more times than anyone else is doing, including you. Institute of A Shortcut Joy of Winning Land of Shapelinks and Shortcuts Living Better Approach Longevity Path of Health Longevity Tao Of Living Masters of True Success Method of Natural Living Methods of Doctor David Methods of Dr. D Cohen Methods Of Naturalists MyWay of MisterShortcut Natural Healing Methods Natural Route of Health One Shortcut Boulevard One Shortcut Expressway Path of Better Shortcuts Path Of Smart Shortcuts Path To Great Success Path To Natural Health Path To True Success Pathway of My Shortcuts Pathway of One Shortcut Pathway of One Shortcut Pathway of Our Healing Pathway of Real Healing Pathway To Success Philosophy of Longevity Place For All PowerGems Power Path of Shortcuts Powerbook of Shortcuts PowerGems Capital Site Psychology of A Good Life Psychology of A Shortcut Psychology of A Triumph Psychology of Achievement Psychology of Achieving More Psychology of Alternative Health and Longevity Psychology of Amazing Health Psychology of Amazing Health and Longevity Psychology of Amazing Shortcuts Psychology of Arena of Good Shortcuts Psychology of Attainment Psychology of Best Shortcuts Psychology of Better Living Psychology of Better Longevity psychology of better shortcuts Psychology of Champions Psychology of Greater Longevity Shortcuts Psychology of Greatest Shortcuts Psychology of Healing Psychology of Healing Shortcuts Psychology of Healthiest Living Psychology of Mister Shortcut Psychology of Mr. Shortcut Psychology of Natural Vitamins and Supplements Psychology of Naturality Psychology of Real Shortcuts Psychology of Shortcuts Psychology of Successful Shortcuts Psychology of Winning Shortcuts Road of A-1 Champions Road of Great Champions Road To Better Health Road To Total Success Road To Winning Route of Champions and Billionaires Route of Good Shortcuts Route of Living Naturally Route To A Healthy Life Route To Great Shortcuts Route to Great Success Safest Health Approach Self-Help via Bodyscans Shapelink Shortcuts Tao Shapelinks Shortcut Way Shortcut Path of Living Shortcut Way of Mastery Shortcuts Entrancement Shortcuts Manual Method Shortcuts Middle School Shortcuts Powerbook Way Shortcutty Encyclopedia Site for Power Shortcuts Source of Better Health Succeeding Faster Route Success shortcuts Route Tao of Achievement Tao of Great Shortcuts Tao of Health Supplements Tao of Shortcuts Tao of Shortcuts Textbook of Winning Ways The Methods of Dr. D Cohen The Pathway Of True Health The Psychology of Longevity Shortcuts TopDoctor Health Book True Zen of Mr-Shortcut Utility of Natural Remedies and Medicines Way of All True Masters Way Of Bright Shortcuts Way of Excellent Health Way of Great Shortcuts Way Of Smart Shortcuts Way of Winning Shortcuts Ways of Natural Healing Ways of Winning Secrets Zen of Achievement Zen of Better Shortcuts Zen of Effective Living Zen of Good Health Zen of Living Zen of Master Shortcuts Zen of Mister Shortcut Zen of MisterShortcut Zen of Mister-Shortcut Zen of Mr-Shortcut Zen of One Shortcut Zen of Sweeter Health Zen of Winning Secrets Zenbook of Natural Life </PRE> <BR><BR><BR> <p align=center style="background-color: #FFFFFF"><font face=arial size=2 color=#000000><BR><BR><b> Just a good taste of the Psychology of Shortcuts, and all that it has given birth to,<BR>all from the hands of the Godfather of Shortcuts and EyeCandy, to help you to help yourself.<BR> Learn more so that you can live more, equipping you that much more for you to give more.<BR>The more you give, the more you get, and until you get this much, how can you know?<BR> You must taste the fruit in order to be able to try and accurately describe it.<BR>We must get in the water and swim in order to learn how to actually swim.<BR>Lessons of words and description take a human to the edge of wisdom.<BR> To cross over the line, experience is the first and last answer.<BR>Welcome to the greatest winning streak of your life thus far.<BR>The Avenue of Hot Shortcuts works about as well as you do.<BR> Never forget that your life is whizzing past faster than you imagined.<BR>1,000 discretionary minutes per day means 1,000 separate opportunities.<BR>Do things the way you have been doing them, and nothing can improve much.<BR> Only with even a tiny bit more of your sweetest effort do we see your best results.<BR>Embrace The Avenue of Hot Shortcuts, and see the Avenue of Hot Shortcuts embrace you.<BR><BR></p> </body></html">